Texas Tower Connection


Texas Tower Connection is a small urban garden that is grown aeroponically .

​It is eco friendly, and has a minimal carbon footprint . It  grows nutrient dense food in a fraction of the space , using only 5 - 10% of the water, compared to ground growing, and up to 30% faster; without the need for weeding. You also know the food is  nutrient dense as the nutrients are in the water in the base.

 This style of growing is compatible for Home/Office/School/Restaurant/Commercial settings

(*Indoor growing does require grow lights ).​ (*For schools there is curriculum already written by grade level).

*Seedling provider, as life gets busy for those of you already growing who don't have the time or desire to start your own  plants.  Currently we only ship seedlings within the state of Texas. Local pick up by appointment..

The Tower Garden and supplies can be shipped internationally (follow the link on the home page)

*Scheduled small classes for people who want to learn how to grow in a aeroponically, or for those  already growing in a tower garden but want more information from planting to pest control, etc.. Classes can  be scheduled on an individual basis. For my direct customers classes always free. For other JP distributors and / or their customers there is a small fee.

*Supplies for growing​

​*Information, tips, and support to ensure your success growing your own. 

Meet the  owner :

Hi I'm Marie,  the owner of Texas Tower Connection.
I've been growing aeroponically since around 2008. I got started from my sister Jan Young owner of Living Towers in Florida.  I started growing to reduce my grocery bill , as with 5 kids  was always high.  It had to be easy  to do because working full time and 5 kids  otherwise I wouldn't  have stuck with it. I have always been a bit of a foodie and believe in eating for your health.​ When one of my daughters was diagnosed with a kidney condition  she was 4yrs old. It was a long road of doctors and medicines, we did organic foods, homeopathic medicines , juice plus vitamins and organic juicing to get her off all the meds and to a point of remission; so I know personally the benefits of quality foods. I worked 18 years with Whole Foods Market,  3 years in the academic offices of Emergency Medicine and Section of Nephrology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I am now a distributor for Juice Plus and the Tower Garden.